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Testing for High Scale

I already participate in couple High Scale Projects, so new concepts in this area are always on my radar:

Many times you can get for free very interesting information about users structure, information which is very valuable for testing similar services.


Why are Facebook, Digg, and Twitter so hard to scale?

Why most large-scale Web sites are not written in Java

Large Scale Web Site Development

Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services (PDF)


Internet Archive (Library)

Architecture of The Internet Archive

Google (Search)

Google Architecture

The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine

Google Talk (Voice)

GoogleTalk Architecture

Amazon Bookstore (Shopping)

Amazon Architecture

Typepad (Blogging)

TypePad Architecture

Facebook (Social)

High Performance at Massive Scale: Lessons Learned at Facebook

Digg (Links)

Digg Architecture

Scaling Digg and Other Web Applications

Youtube (Video)

Youtube Architecture

Youtube The-platform

Flickr (Photos)

Flickr Architecture

Second Life (Social in 3D)

Second Life Architecture

Wikipedia (Docs web)

WiKipedia Architecture

MySpace (Social)

MySpace Architecture

Twitter (Social,Micro-blogging)

Scaling Twitter

E-bay (Auctions)

eBay Architecture

Episode 109: eBay’s Architecture Principles

10 eBay Secrets for Planet Wide Scaling


FarmvilLe (Gaming)

How FarmVille Scales to Harvest 75 Million Players a Month


How Ravelry Scales to 10 Million Requests Using Rails

Testing for High Scale

How to Succeed at Capacity Planning Without Really Trying It

How MySpace Tested Their Live Site with 1 Million Concurrent Users


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