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September 14, 2010

Conference: Agile Testing Days 2010, 4-7 October in Berlin

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The “Agile Testing Days” will take place on October 4-7, 2010 in Berlin

On October 4th there will be the following 9 tutorials lead by:
Lisa Crispin
Janet Gregory
Elisabeth Hendrickson
Stuart Reid and Isabel Evans
Jennitta Andrea
Michael Bolton
Linda Rising
Anko Tijman and Eric Jimmink
Pekka Klärck, Juha Rantanen and Janne Härkönen

On October 5-6 we will have 4 tracks with 48 Speakers and 6 Keynotes.
On October 7 we will have open space lead by Brett L. Schuchert

Please have a look on www.agiletestingdays.com

Agile Testing Days – program in DPF


June 15, 2010

Tips&Tricks: Using JavaScript in various testing tools – ECMAScript Support Matrix

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Sometimes you start work with new testing tool and you find then it uses JavaScript,
but because it’s implementation can differs you in many cases need to have a good source
of (in)compatibles across this implementations, here is handy comparison page which can help you:

ECMAScript Support Matrix for (ECMAScript,ActionScrip,JavaScript, JScript,V8,JSC,Opera,KJS)

June 9, 2010

Tips&Tricks: Using various Firefox plugins for initial testing of Mobile Projects

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Probably the optimum testing method for a mobile site is:

* Test the site in a desktop browser first to ensure functionality behaves as expected
* Once the site is functionally complete, test using some device emulators
* When the site is working correctly across all emulators, begin testing on real handsets

See more in:

Testing Mobile Web Sites Using Firefox

More information about useful Firebox Web Mobile related Plugins:

Firefox Plugins for Mobile Web Developers

XHTML (MP) Mime Mobile Profile

Low Quality Flash

Firesizer One of many resizers

Mobile Phone Identification Information Sources

Mobile Browser ID (User-Agent) Strings

User Agent Profile (UAProf) Lists Here, Here and

April 13, 2010

Tips&Tricks: The Cloud’s Next Big Thing = Software Testing

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The Cloud’s Next Big Thing = Software Testing
Load Testing From The Cloud, A Killer App?

Performance testing in the cloud (PDF, HP White Paper

Four Fundamental Requirements of Successful Testing in the Cloud – Part I
Four Fundamental Requirements of Successful Testing in the Cloud – Part II
Four Fundamental Requirements of Successful Testing in the Cloud – Part III

Guidelines for testing ‘in-the-cloud’ technologies (PDF)

And of course some nice Testing in the Cloud demo:

Load Tester on Amazon EC2 (Demo)

If you want to see more demos you can look at SOASTA or LoadStorm

Tips&Tricks: Aspects of Performance Testing in Agile environments

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Of course as starting point I recommend Scott’s article:

An Explanation of Performance Testing on an Agile Team (Part 1 of 2)
An Explanation of Performance Testing on an Agile Team (Part 2 of 2)

And of course look also on one from Alexander:

Agile Performance Testing (Agile Joutrnal, 2010)

At least Microsoft view:

Managing an Agile Performance Test Cycle

April 12, 2010

Tips&Tricks: Beyond performance testing (Scott Barber)

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I like a Scott’s articles, he is one of the best performance testers and they are excellent introduction to performance testing:

User experience, not metrics (2001)
Beyond performance testing (2004)

See more at Recent Presentations by Scott Barber

February 3, 2010

XML Prague 2010 Conference (13-14 March)

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February 2, 2010

Tips&Tricks: Firefox is my best friend for couple years

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Firefox is a powerful Web browser with unique flexible and easily extensible UI User Interface base on XML. Firefox using a XUL XML User Interface Language, which allows to write powerful handy tester tools as Firefox Add-ons.

Potential of so powerful tool was of course identified by Web Tester community and couple of interesting Firefox Add-ons (Plug-ins) was created with testing need in mind. I will try in this serial pressed my favorite Firefox testing (QA/QE) related Add-ons (Plug-ins).

Here is a sample of testing under Firefox from 2006 (Around Firefox 1.5 version)
Hacking Web 2.0 Applications with Firefox

Here is sample how my colleagues use Firefox for troubleshooting
Troubleshooting OpenSSO with Firefox Add-Ons

Here is sample hoe colleagues use Firefox under Selenium as regular testing tool
Rajesh’s Weblog – Selenium Category

In next posts I will show my Favorite FireFox Plug-ins

February 1, 2010

Tips&Tricks: Possible savings from SMP Aware Compression Utilities

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As part of testing optimization , I test parallel compressors to determine possible savings.

Mapping possible Space and Time savings by using SMP aware (threaded) compression Utilities ?

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