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September 23, 2010

Article: Integrated Cloud-based Load Testing and Performance Management

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Very interesting article Integrated Cloud-based Load Testing and Performance Management


June 15, 2010

Tips&Tricks: Using JavaScript in various testing tools – ECMAScript Support Matrix

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Sometimes you start work with new testing tool and you find then it uses JavaScript,
but because it’s implementation can differs you in many cases need to have a good source
of (in)compatibles across this implementations, here is handy comparison page which can help you:

ECMAScript Support Matrix for (ECMAScript,ActionScrip,JavaScript, JScript,V8,JSC,Opera,KJS)

May 7, 2010

Tester’s Tools: Developer tools Opera Dragonfly got 100.000 users and is now fully under open license

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Opera build in DragonFly tools for developer is competing with Firefox Web Developer and Firebug plugins.

See more in:

Today 100,000 Web developers rely on Opera Dragonfly


Opera Dragonfly open for business
Opera moves Dragonfly to Apache for patent promise

April 30, 2010

Tester’s tools: Addressing IE ballot screen browser sprawl for 5 most popular web browsers

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For Rich Internet Application (RIA, using Ajax, Flex, Flash) is really needed to use testing tools with direct web browser automation support.

Many good testing tools are based on FireFox and its good extendability, but now when Microsoft introduce a IE Ballot Screen, How_the_IE_ballot_screen_works for Web Browser selections,
we will need to look for tools which are at least capable to automate most popular browsers.

How many browsers will be on the ballot?

Twelve altogether, but just five on the first page.

The first five are Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s IE, Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera (In random order).
On a second screen, the ballot will list AOL, Maxthon, K-Meleon, Flock, Avant Browser, Sleipnir and SlimBrowser.

Testing tools for 5 major browsers

Most popular Open Source Web Automation tools Selenium, is capable to automate this 5 web browsers see Selenium Platforms,
but test cases can be generate only with FireFox. This can be in some cases a significant limitation.

Another Open Source Test Framework Windmill has Cross-browser test recorder

Both tools support JavaScript, so test cases can be more easily shared with web content Developers.

March 24, 2010

IBM Extends Development and Test to the IBM Cloud (Based on Linux and KVM)

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IBM launches KVM-based IaaS (beta) cloud for virtual lab hosting

IBM Extends Development and Test to the IBM Cloud

February 26, 2010

Tester’s Tools: Can I do all testing processes just with Open Source Tools ?

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Well, yes, I you don’t mind use a specialized tools per task, looks to this Open Source tools directory

Tester’s Tools: Load Generation (stress) and longevity (end-to-end) testing

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There are a lot of open source tools for this testing in this areas, but I will recommend you to first look on HP Load Runner (Formerly Mercury Interactive), look more on HP Load Runner and HP LoadRunner Monitors
Load Runner can teach you not only how to define web user and how to generate spread of load, but also will demonstrate to you a need for good instrumentation (probes which monitor application performance) and reports which you can easily sell to customer at the end of project 🙂 (Lack of good instrumentation and reports is paint of most Open Source load/stress generation tools).

Alternatively you can take look on IBM Perfomance tester (Formerly Rational), new versions like v8.x is based on Eclipse IDE, so you can use on machines with less computing resources or Linux platfroms.

From Open Source you can look at most popular Apache JMeter , but I don’t have good experience with quality of load generated by JMeter, as a result in our large scaled project we was forced to switch to grinder tool.

With JMeter we was not able to generate load distribution like this one with 3 peaks (It’s simulation reaction on advertisement in local Radio Station) on high scale web e-commerce system.

February 24, 2010

Tester’s Tools: Memory debuging from OS and progaming levels

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Even when you will work with just purely internet projects you will need time to time to debug incorrect memory usage, for example from third party SOAP wrapper and so on.

As a multi platform alternative you can try IBM (Rational) Purify

February 23, 2010

Tester’s Tools: JIRA a better bugs & project management – free for open source projects

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This entry is part of Tester’s Tools, Libs & Progs

JIRA a better bugs & project management – free for open source projects

What ever bug & project managing tools you will use soon or later you will need a good metrics,

JIRA give you a good ideas how such metrics can be created, organized and presented like average time in status and so on.

Click more for Screen Shot

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