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June 15, 2010

Tips&Tricks: Using JavaScript in various testing tools – ECMAScript Support Matrix

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Sometimes you start work with new testing tool and you find then it uses JavaScript,
but because it’s implementation can differs you in many cases need to have a good source
of (in)compatibles across this implementations, here is handy comparison page which can help you:

ECMAScript Support Matrix for (ECMAScript,ActionScrip,JavaScript, JScript,V8,JSC,Opera,KJS)


June 9, 2010

Tips&Tricks: Using various Firefox plugins for initial testing of Mobile Projects

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Probably the optimum testing method for a mobile site is:

* Test the site in a desktop browser first to ensure functionality behaves as expected
* Once the site is functionally complete, test using some device emulators
* When the site is working correctly across all emulators, begin testing on real handsets

See more in:

Testing Mobile Web Sites Using Firefox

More information about useful Firebox Web Mobile related Plugins:

Firefox Plugins for Mobile Web Developers

XHTML (MP) Mime Mobile Profile

Low Quality Flash

Firesizer One of many resizers

Mobile Phone Identification Information Sources

Mobile Browser ID (User-Agent) Strings

User Agent Profile (UAProf) Lists Here, Here and

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