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May 4, 2010

Enlil Network Emulator: QA Lessons – Keeping Good User Experience with Usage of Network Emulation

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This entry is part of Enlil Handy Network Emulator

Today as mobile devices like NetBooks, Tables and powerfull MID, SmartPhones are common and users at home use asymmetric DSL connections most
Internet projects will need to use for testing some sort of Network Emulator, to emulate various network conditions..

Need for Testing with Network Emulators as even get into of Gartner reports Understanding WAN Simulation and Network Testing Tool Alternatives (2007)

Network Emulator is used to emulate specifics users network connection characteristics like:

– Bandwidth Restrictions
– Congestion
– Latency
– Packet Loss
– Packet Reordering
– Jitter
– Queue Depth
– Asymmetric links

Hardware or Software Network Emulator?

There are specialized boxes with Real Time OSes capable to emulate simultaneously gigabytes of traffics and thousand connections with great precision,
you can see most popular HW Network Emulators on eTester.com but their price is NC.

But for most Internet Application projects you don’t need such high precision emulation needed for example for in Voice (VoIP) applications and you can use a cheaper variants.

As alternative a SW based network emulator can be executed on regular HW (Server or Desktop) with 2 network interfaces, beside many commercial close source solutions, there are currently most used this 2 major open source implementations netem with Linux origin and DummyNet with *BSD origin (Now also available for Linux, Mac X and OpenWRT)

netem (and its predecessor NistNET) and DummyNet are popular tools in various research setups.

A Comparative Study of Network Link Emulators

You can find more articles about thins experiments with searching on Google:

netem dummynet NistNET pdf


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