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March 2, 2010

Test Status to SMS/MMS: Trouble Shooting Sending SMS messages with dedicated GSM modem device

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This entry is part of Test Status to SMS/MMS workshop.

Trouble Shooting Sending SMS messages with dedicated GSM modem device

Be sure then prepaid SIM card is REALLY activated

SIM card is primary designed for Voice Service (Phone call’s), to activate it you need to make a real phone call
with GMS phone, for example to free service of your provider:

I my case of T-mobile Czech pre-paid Twist service, you need to call 4603 and wait after machine will offer
you connecting to operator with 0, you need wait after your really connected.
PS: You can also make a paid call, in case then you have on card more then 30Kc credit amount.

Check various statues with GSM modem device

1. If you receive a Message then TARIF command is not supported, you OR Don’t activate SIM card YET OR
you you need wait so system will register you OR you need to TOP your CARD to really activate it.
2. If you receive an ERROR on SMS sending commands, check:

Then you really don’t need to enter PIN


Then you have good signal quality, value bellow 5 can make you modem to disconnect/reconnect from network time to time.
Hint: If you are in house, try to put GSM mode as close as possible to window or attach to it external antenna.

+CSQ: 8,99

Then SIM card id logged to your network provider

+CREG: 0,1

+COPS: (2,"T-Mobile CZ","TMO CZ","23001",2),(1,"EUROTEL - CZ","ET - CZ","23002",2),,(0,1,2,3,4),(0,1,2)

+COPS: 0,0,"T-Mobile CZ",2

Then modem is not in power saving mode (Sleeping), wake it up


Then SIM card have correctly configured SMS center

+CSCA: "+420603052000",145

Consult your network provider, these commands will show all needed information you can send to support:


&C: 1; &D: 2; &E: 0; &F: 0; &S: 0; &W: 0; E: 1; L: 1; M: 0; Q: 0; V: 1;
X: 4; Z: 0; \Q: 3; \S: 0; \V: 0; S0: 0; S2: 43; S3: 13; S4: 10; S5: 8;
S6: 2; S7: 45; S8: 2; S9: 6; S10: 14; S11: 95; S30: 0; S103: 1; S104: 1;
+FCLASS: 0; +ICF: 3,3; +IFC: 2,2; +IPR: 115200; +DR: 0; +DS: 0,0,2048,6;
+WS46: 12; +CBST: 0,0,1;
+CRLP: (61,61,48,6,0),(61,61,48,6,1),(240,240,52,6,2);
+CV120: 1,1,1,0,0,0; +CHSN: 0,0,0,0; +CSSN: 0,0; +CREG: 0; +CGREG: 0;
+CFUN:; +CSCS: "IRA"; +CSTA: 129; +CR: 0; +CRC: 0; +CMEE: 2; +CGDCONT: (1,"IP","internet","",0,0)
; +CGDSCONT: ; +CGTFT: ; +CGEQREQ: (1,4,0,0,0,0,2,0,"0E0","0E0",3,0,0),(2,4,0,0,0,0,2,0,"0E0","0E0",3,0,0),(3,4,0,0,0,0,2,0,"0E0","0E0",3,0,0),(4,4,0,0,0,0,2,0,"0E0","0E)
; +CGEQMIN: ; +CGQREQ: ; +CGQMIN: ; ; +CGEREP: 0,0; +CGCLASS: "B";
+CGSMS: 3; +CSMS: 0; +CMGF: 1; +CSAS: 0; +CRES: 0;
+CSCA: "+420603052000",145; +CSMP: ,,0,0; +CSDH: 0; +CSCB: 0,"","";
+FDD: 0; +FAR: 0; +FCL: 0; +FIT: 0,0; +ES: ,,; +ESA: 0,,,,0,0,255,;
+CMOD: 0; +CVHU: 1; ; +CPIN: ��������,��������; +CMEC: 0,0,0; +CKPD: 1,1;
+CGATT: 0; +CGACT: 0; +CPBS: "SM"; +CPMS: "SM","SM","SM";
+CNMI: 0,0,0,0,0; +CMMS: 2; +FTS: 0; +FRS: 0; +FTH: 3; +FRH: 3; +FTM: 96;
+FRM: 96; +CCUG: 0,0,0; +COPS: 0,0,""; +CUSD: 0; +CAOC: 1; +CCWA: 0;
+CCLK: ""; +CLVL: 2; +CMUT: 1; +CPOL: 0,2,"",0,0,0; +CPLS: 0; +CTZR: 0;
+CTZU: 0; +CLIP: 0; +COLP: 0; +CDIP: 0; +CLIR: 0; ^PORTSEL: 0;
^CPIN: ��������,��������; ^ATRECORD: 0; ^FREQLOCK: 8798844,2


Manufacturer: huawei
Model: E160
Revision: 11.604.21.05.314
IMEI: 354764033512461

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