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February 26, 2010

Tester’s Tools: Load Generation (stress) and longevity (end-to-end) testing

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There are a lot of open source tools for this testing in this areas, but I will recommend you to first look on HP Load Runner (Formerly Mercury Interactive), look more on HP Load Runner and HP LoadRunner Monitors
Load Runner can teach you not only how to define web user and how to generate spread of load, but also will demonstrate to you a need for good instrumentation (probes which monitor application performance) and reports which you can easily sell to customer at the end of project 🙂 (Lack of good instrumentation and reports is paint of most Open Source load/stress generation tools).

Alternatively you can take look on IBM Perfomance tester (Formerly Rational), new versions like v8.x is based on Eclipse IDE, so you can use on machines with less computing resources or Linux platfroms.

From Open Source you can look at most popular Apache JMeter , but I don’t have good experience with quality of load generated by JMeter, as a result in our large scaled project we was forced to switch to grinder tool.

With JMeter we was not able to generate load distribution like this one with 3 peaks (It’s simulation reaction on advertisement in local Radio Station) on high scale web e-commerce system.


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