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February 26, 2010

Test Status to SMS/MMS: E-mails to mobile as PULL v.s. SMS to mobile as PUSH

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This entry is part of Test Status to SMS/MMS workshop.

E-mails to mobile as PULL v.s. SMS to mobile as PUSH

When I start to work in Telco, I get a PAGER, device which was able to deliver me a text messages up to 2040 chars long.
Messages was possible to send over Internet or Phone, we have connected our NOC to PAGER center to get even faster responses.

Today Mobile Phones are able directly to use Internet: read E-mails & access Web pages, this is called PULL mode, your phone regularly connect to network to get e-mail headers.
But even if you massively use internet based services in your mobiles you can be interested into getting PUSH like SMS services into your Testing (or even IT) infrastructure.
Push like SMS service can give you additional fast independent channel for communication, which we use in my past as following:

  • Sending Test Reports to Technicians located outside towns, where mobile data quality is bad
  • Sending Automatic Escalations, when thinks go wrong (Lost of internet access, DOS email attacks, and so on
  • Sending a Confirmation SMS directly to customers then theirs services are back to 100% operation

I personally like very much receiving Test Status results over SMS, when I was working for US customers from Europe,
you receive escalation in about 15:00 Europe time, you fix ti, start testing, go home at 17:00 when your regular work
time is finished and in Metro (Underground) you just receive Test Status SMS. This significantly reduce my over time work from home.

PS: In Europe GSM mobile signal in Metro(Underground) is limited, so you can’t really use Mobile Internet there.

Overview of Mobile PUSH services

Short Message Service (SMS)
WAP Push as part of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

There is some useful Open Source solutions for creating SMS like PUSH mobile services, I will try to demonstrate then in next parts.


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